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Child Identification Program


Child Identification Program

Deptford Twp. Police Dept. offers to Deptford Twp. residents the Child Identification Program for children under the age of fourteen. The card will include the following information, child’s name, photo, address, date of birth, distinguishing marks and medical conditions. Parents are not obligated to provide any information about their child they don’t feel comfortable giving. The identification card is kept with the parents and/or caregivers to use as an identification tool in case the child becomes missing. No information related to the child is kept on file by Deptford Police Dept. or any other agency. If you have any questions in regards to the Child Identification program or to schedule an appointment, please contact: Officer Eric Kerby at (856) 686-2204 Ext. 5183.


Contact Information

Lieutenant John Storms
Special Services Division Commander 
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 1292

Detective Corporal Odess Myers Jr.
School Resource Officer - DMS
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 5168

Detective Corporal Sandra Reid
Evidence Unit - Officer
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 5191

Corporal Michael Brazelton 
Traffic Safety Unit-Officer
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 5195

Corporal William Rosati Jr.
Traffic Safety Unit - Officer
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 5225

Corporal Eric Strouse
School Resource Officer - DHS
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 5227

Police Officer Sean Gambale
Community Policing Officer - Officer
Phone:  (856) 686-2204 Ext. 1339

Police Officer Danielle Crawford
Community Policing Unit - Officer
(856) 686-2204 Ext. 5241

Heather Ryan
Division Adjutant
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 1263

Susan Kryszczak
Police Records - Supervisor
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 1266


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