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Criminal Investigations Division



The division is staffed with one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, and eight Detectives.  The Division is comprised of highly trained and motivated officers who are schooled and instructed in various techniques of criminal investigations.

What We Do

The primary function of the Criminal Investigations Division is to review and conduct follow-up investigations on most reported crimes within the borders of Deptford Township.  Criminal Investigations Division Detectives are available 24 hours-a-day for serious crimes including, but not limited to, aggravated assault, robbery, arson, fraud, child endangerment, narcotics offences, and sex related crimes.  Also, specific detectives within the division specialize in Narcotics Investigations, Special Victim Crime (juvenile, domestic violence crimes, and crimes against seniors), Firearm Applications, Liquor Sales Licensing, and Internal Affairs.

We also strive to build on our partnership with the citizens of Deptford Township through open, unobstructed, communication. We encourage citizens to get involved.  Don’t hesitate to call the police if you see something you think is suspicious.  Many times after a crime has been committed our investigators find that suspicious circumstances were observed by residents, but were dismissed without notifying the police.

The Deptford Township Police Department Criminal Investigations Division works as a team to seek the facts; preserve and document evidence; arrest offenders; and build a comprehensive case for court presentation.  Together, in partnership with the community the Criminal Investigations Division of the Deptford Township Police Department is dedicated to delivering the highest degree of professional service the people who live, work, or visit Deptford Township.


Contact Information

Captain Ian McShane
Administrative  Bureau Commander
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1239

Detective Lieutenant John Gigante
Division Commander
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1236

Detective Sergeant Donald Kiermeier
Assistant Division Commander
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1237

Detective Sergeant Michael Pardini
Phone: (856) 856-6300 Ext. 1272

Detective Corporal Chris Eavis
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1210

Detective Robert Jones
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1279

Detective Tim Parks 
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1225

Detective Matthew Massing
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1231

Detective Louisa Medany
Phone: (856) 845-6300 Ext. 1337

Detective Maureen Baney
Phone: (856) 686-2204 Ext. 5252