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Zoning Permit Instructions

If your project requires construction permits, please do not submit them until the zoning permit is approved. 


  • $25.00 per application – Homeowner - Residential 
  • $75.00 per application – Contractor/Business Owner - Residential/Commercial

FOR PROPERTIES COVERED BY A HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, please contact them for approval and attach the HOA approval letter. 

COMPLETE attached Zoning application FULLY, making sure that you have filled in your NAME, CURRENT ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER where you can be reached in the daytime, block, lot, address of proposed improvement and type of work to be done. 

An application WILL NOT be considered unless the taxes are current on the subject property. 


A full size, scaled copy of a plot plan/survey is required for all zoning permits. 

  • Indicate on plot plan/survey what you propose to construct and the distance from the front, side and rear lines along with distance from the house where applicable. 
  • Under Description of work give dimensions, materials and what exactly is being proposed (i.e. above ground/in ground pool, wooden/vinyl stockade fence, wood/composite deck etc.) 

FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION of any residential, commercial or industrial building, including road improvements, a plot plan sealed by a licensed Engineer or Land Surveyor is required upon submission with the following shown: 

  • Show existing and proposed ground elevations or contours. 
  • Show proposed first floor elevations. 
  • Show established street grade. 
  • Show location of building on lot and distances from all lot lines. 
  • Show provisions made for drainage run-off on site. 
  • Show all trees 8” or more in diameter that are to be removed. 
  • Show proposed location of sanitary and water service lines and connection point to the municipal system, or proposed location of well and septic system. 
  • Proposed grade of driveway. Not to exceed 10%. 
  • Building setback lines.

FOR USE PERMIT APPLICATIONS please indicate under description of work what the proposed use is going to be. (i.e. retail sales of _____, hair salon, motor vehicle repair/sales etc.) 

Allow ten (10) business days for completion of the permit. 

After review of your application we will contact the applicant with instructions on the next step.

Zoning applications and surveys should be submitted to the department of community development. 

Building permit applications should not be submittted to the department of community development. 

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