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I have a traffic ticket with an appearance date, but the officer did not check the box labeled “court appearance required.”  Do I need to come to court?

  • Not usually, this date is the date in which the ticket must be paid to avoid late fees. However there are times the officer inadvertently does not mark the box when the violation does require a court appearance.  You may check the NJMCdirect web site to see if you are able to pay your ticket on line, if you cannot pay it, you must appear in court.

Why can’t I find my ticket on the website?

  • There are two reasons a ticket may not be available on the website.  The ticket has not been filed with the Municipal Court or there may be a data error that has occurred.  A filing delay of 10-20 days is typical for tickets issued by the New Jersey State Police or other outside issuing agencies.

How do I pay a ticket on line?

How many points are associated with the ticket I received?

How can I apply for a public defender?

  • Approval for the public defender is based on income eligibility and determined by the judge.  The form can be printed from this page and faxed to the court at 856-845-6179 or mailed.  It must reach the court before your scheduled court date.

What types of payment does the court accept?

  • The court accepts cash, checks, money order and credit cards.  Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted.  Positive identification is required and the name on the credit card must match the identification presented.  NO PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED OVER THE PHONE.

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