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Mayor's Message

Mayor's Monthly Message -September 2023

It’s September, the start of another great month in Deptford. Labor Day weekend is certainly a time of Barbecues and events. It is also a day when we honor the efforts of our working families and the generations of individuals who built our great country. The holiday was established to honor the American labor movement.

Our students will be heading back to school this month. It’s an exciting time of year for our students, educators and families, filled with great expectations and enthusiasm for a great year. School safety and protecting our students is always a priority, which we work on year round as part of our comprehensive public safety plan. A big part of this is protecting students on their way to and from school. Please slow down, observe all school bus safety rules. Every year we get reports of vehicles passing stopped school buses. This is dangerous and against the law so please give yourself enough time to get where you’re going.

Council has approved the hiring of 11 new police officers underway right now. Our Police Chief and Public Safety Director are also working on new technologies as part of our public safety initiatives. We just completed a shoplifting summit with over 30 Deptford businesses to partner with them to combat retail theft. We will not tolerate crimes like shoplifting and we want criminals to know that you will be caught and prosecuted in Deptford’s business community.

New business continue to thrive here. Our location, easy access and public safety has made Deptford a destination for great shopping, dining and entertainment. Bonesaw Brewery will be opening this month, Inspira Medical Center is getting close to completion. This year Harbor Freight opened, JO ANN fabrics opened a new store and this not even counting the numerous family owned small businesses opening here every year. Also our established business community is thriving from dining to Adelphia Restaurant, Filomena and so much more dining options. From the Deptford mall to Nemours Family Medical center the business variety is all encompassing and certainly helps keep out tax base stable.

This year Deptford Council crafted another ZERO tax increase budget and at the same time we are improving Municipal Services, improving public safety, building new infrastructure and crating new recreation opportunities.

Our Community is thriving and we thank all of you for being great neighbors and friends. Make sure to visit us at one of our great events. Thank you and we will see you soon.




9/1/2020 - September 2020 - Monthly Message

Mayor Paul Medany’s Monthly Message - September 2020

It is September, 2020.   It has been an interesting and challenging summer. We are slowly getting back to our routines and the world has certainly changed. School openings are extremely difficult for many families. Numerous industries and the jobs they create are still struggling. Covid19 is still with us.

Keep in mind everything we write and put out is subject to change almost daily.  We have made it this far, we will continue to figure our way out of this.

Deptford Township Council has been hard at work throughout the summer. We are doing everything we can to keep our employees and residents safe and healthy by creating protocols to follow. The township building is open and we ask you must wear a face covering in the building. We have installed barriers at every desk to protect you and our employees. The building is undergoing major renovations so if you visit you will see construction moving forward.

Let’s take a look at the positives. On the business front, as we write this, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters are all opening up in restricted capacities. The Deptford Mall is open and the anchor stores are open. There are several new businesses coming to the Deptford Mall. Dicks Sporting Goods is now open as one of the new mall Anchors. Round One entertainment will open in October with an arcade, bowling, billiards and also food and beverages.

Please shop and dine locally.  Use our restaurants for take-outs.  They are open for outside and inside dining with restrictions. They can use our support.

Municipal projects are moving forward all to improve our community. Road repaving, playground renovations, building renovations, park improvements are all to enhance our community. Your municipal finances are holding stable due to the foresight of Township Council. We develop our budgets keeping in mind unforeseen circumstances can arise and this was certainly one of them.

Our newsletter just arrived in mailboxes, it was late getting here but please look through it for useful information about our community. Communication is the most important tool your elected leaders have and we pride ourselves on getting information out to you on all local issues.

Keep wearing your face coverings, stay physically apart, wash your hands, use hand sanitizers and make sure to cough in your sleeve. All of these tasks are keeping the disease from spreading. Here in Deptford you all have done a fantastic job of stopping the spread and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

We hope to see you soon. Even though events have been canceled, we will start them up as soon as its safe by following the CDC guidelines. Be well, be safe, stay healthy and keep up the great work.


                                                   Hello September and Hello Autumn! - Veranda Pensacola





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Mayor's Message