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Meet Brandi Leidy

 Councilwoman Brandi Leidy is a graduate of Rowan University, both with Bachelor’s of Science in Finance (2001) and a Master’s of Business Administration (2007).  Along with her husband Chris, a lifelong resident of Deptford Township, she is the parent of 2 children.  

Brandi served on the Deptford Township Planning Board for two years and is currently serving on the Deptford Township Recreation Committee as well as the Veteran’s Committee.  Brandi is also an associate member of the Union Fire Company where she serves on the fundraising committee, and her husband and daughter are active firefighters.  In addition, Brandi is a current member of the Deptford Democrat Club.

If you have a question or concern, residents may complete an Online Citizens Request Form to submit a formal complaint about any municipal service or program, or to inform the Township about the need for improvements in their neighborhood area, such as road or sidewalk repairs, street lighting, litter, etc.

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