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3/14/2018 - Shared Service Meeting

March 13, 2018






Deptford Township Mayor & Council held their Annual Shared Service Meeting on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 6:00pm.  The meeting included representatives from the School Administration, Board Members, Fire Commissioners, Deptford MUA, Deptford Township Public Works, Police, Library, Township Administration, and Planning and Zoning Members.

This meeting held on Monday evening was certainly unique. The three duly elected boards met together to discuss sharing services and ideas. This meeting was a fantastic opportunity for Deptford Council, Deptford Fire Commissioners and the Deptford School Board to get together for the common goal of service, safety and our children’s education, commented Mayor Medany.  For the residents of Deptford, this open communication and cooperation is what makes us such an exceptional community when it comes to building partnerships and working towards one goal. That goal is delivering the highest quality service at the most efficient cost. We are extremely proud of the teamwork and collaboration shown by these dedicated people. The ideas generated at the meeting will be implemented in the coming year and we are looking forward to a continued partnership.


Mayor Paul Medany