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Deptford Headlines




It is extremely important to keep parked cars off the streets during snow storms. Your cooperation will enable Township crews to clear the snow adequately from the streets. Snow storms can be stressful for everyone. Please be patient to allow our crews to effectively and safely complete snow removal.





The first priority in snow removal is public safety.  Under this heading DPW’s first task is to insure that our emergency responders, including ambulance, police and fire, can safely access any resident in the Township.  Monthly snow meetings are held.  Deptford Township is one of the few municipalities with our own Emergency Operations Center.  Keep in mind, there are over 500 municipal roads in Deptford Township. 

The snow removal procedure is as follows:

  • Upon the first reports of snow and or ice brine operations are implemented.  We have two brine trucks capable of brining the entire town in approximately two days.

  • Enough salt is stored for two major storms.  Salt is very destructive to the environment, which is why we emphasize brine now.

  • Salting will begin prior to the storm’s arrival, and also as needed as the storm progresses.

  • Salt is ineffective when temperatures are at 23 degrees or colder.  Effectiveness of salt at different temperature ranges and exposure to sun light.  Areas of town with increased shade and tree cover salt will not be as effective.


  • Streets will be made passable as quickly as possible.  Not all streets will be restored to visible asphalt based on temperature and/or sunlight exposure, regardless of plowing.  Some streets will appear snow packed and require additional time to restore to visible asphalt.

  • Plows and trucks are ready to go all winter.  The Township has a combined fleet of 36 pieces equipped for snow removal. 

  • Plowing operations begin when snow accumulations reach approximately 4 inches.  Before that, plowing is not effective or efficient.

  • It takes a full crew approximately 12 hours to plow the town one time.  Every single street is plowed.  Plow crews are deployed by zones, and progress is tracked by photos and GPS.  12 hours of plowing is an extremely difficult task on our crews, so resting after this is essential.

  • Parked cars are the absolute biggest obstacle.  If a car is in the street, the means your street cannot be plowed properly.  Recognizing there are a few neighborhoods with no alternatives, all other vehicles must be off the street.  This is a Township ordinance, and you can be ticketed.

  • We do not prioritize any residents or neighborhoods.  Every section is treated equally by zones.

  • Main arterial roads and higher speed roads are treated and cleared first to allow emergency and essential vehicles to move throughout the town.

  • Snow plowing is extremely difficult and expensive.  We monitor weather reports and watch radar daily to anticipate our plan of action, especially on weekends.

We thank you for your patience and hope this explains the challenges of clearing 17.6  square miles and over 500 roads in order to keep you and our children safe, and to get you out safely and in a timely fashion.