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Deptford Headlines

2/10/2010 - Mayor Paul Medany's Snow Message

Deptford Township and several surrounding areas will be experiencing the fourth major snow storm of the season.  Township Council commends our Public Works, Building and Grounds, MUA, and School personnel and Administration for an excellent job in managing these events.  Moving large amounts of snow is a difficult task at best.  These dedicated employees will remain on the job until every road is drivable.  

 These storms place a tremendous strain on our budget with overtime costs and salt expenditures.  Through the Office of Emergency Management and Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management, the Township has submitted our expenditures to request assistance from FEMA.

Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping parked cars off the streets during snow storms.  Your cooperation will enable Township crews to clear the snow adequately from the streets.  Snow storms can be stressful for everyone.  Please be patient to allow our crews to effectively and safely complete snow removal.  We understand the frustration when driveways and aprons get plowed in, but given the volume of snow in a short period of time, there is no place to push the snow to. 

Thank you all for your cooperation and patience during these uncontrollable conditions. 

Click here for helpful snow removal information.