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Deptford Headlines

11/30/2009 - A Monthly Message from Mayor Paul Medany
With the holidays upon us, Deptford Township’s business district is bustling with shoppers. Our goal for all shoppers who travel throughout town is safety. Public safety is a priority, and Township Council has directed the administration to increase patrols, enforcement and safety awareness programs to make your holiday shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Additional efforts have been made to keep traffic moving while making sure our town is the safest and best shopping and dining destination in the area.

Township Council is also being very aggressive in examining next year’s budget. Budget committees will meet in December to analyze any potential savings and revenue sources. Township Council has maintained a “can do” attitude in light of the severe budget cuts and restraints imposed on us by state government. As a responsible municipality, Mayor, Council and our Administration will have many tough decisions to make in 2010. However, governing is leading and we will lead Deptford Township into the next year with our sights set on being as efficient as possible.

In the past year many exciting projects have been completed, and most of them were funded through grants and contributions. The Administration is continuously seeking opportunities to save tax dollars, while at the same time, maintaining and improving the Township.

Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who offer countless hours of time throughout the year to serve on the various boards and committees. I would also like to recognize all of our youth sport organization volunteers, volunteer firefighters, scout leaders, and everyone else who contributes their free time. The Township could not operate without you!

Heartfelt thanks go out to our defenders of freedom….the men and women in the armed services, the veterans and all their families for the sacrifices that they have made to keep our country free and safe. December is the month we recognize Pearl Harbor Day and we must never forget the men and women from every war and conflict who have fought and have given their lives in defending our country. It is important to impress upon our children the importance of honoring and respecting these men and women. Please remember to say “thank you” when you see a member of the armed services. Even though thousands of troops will not be home this holiday season, please don’t forget them. Keep them in your thoughts.

Deptford Township Mayor and Council wish your family a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.