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Deptford Headlines

7/27/2009 - A Monthly Message from Mayor Paul Medany

Mayor’s Message


            To help keep the community informed, we plan to update our message on a monthly basis.  Deptford is a very busy and exciting place to live, work and play.  One very important issue for the Township is property maintenance.  Township Council recently revised and updated our property maintenance codes.  Property maintenance issues involve the upkeep of residential homes, businesses and vacant lots.  Such items as high grass, graffiti, abandoned vehicles and vacant homes are just a few examples.  A property is one of the biggest investments to make, and failing to maintain our property can devalue the community.

            These issues simply affect the quality of life.  The property maintenance codes have been established to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community.  Deptford has two full-time code enforcement officials.  The officials respond to problems generated by service requests made on our website and phone calls, as well as requests from Council through the Manager’s office.  The Township will always try to work with property owners to resolve issues.  The primary goal is to maintain and improve our township. Deptford Township takes pride in listening to the residents.  We also need residents and business owners to take pride in the neighborhood and community.  If you see a problem, please let us know.  Maintaining your own property is equally as important.  Maintaining the lawn, trimming branches and painting are tasks that require ongoing attention.  Offer assistance to our seniors and those with disabilities to help maintain their homes.  Local businesses participate in the Business Advisory Committee as well as the anti-crime partnership to communicate issues and problems occurring in businesses throughout the community.  These efforts open the lines of communication with the police department and code enforcement to keep vandalism and graffiti to a minimum.

 The Township’s success is a community effort.  Together, we need to stay vigilant and help out wherever possible.