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5/13/2009 - Pony Share Program

Pony Share Program

These unique 5-day Programs provide an exciting and inexpensive introduction to the wonderful world of equines in a fun-filled, non-threatening atmosphere. PonyShare uses ponies and cobs, smaller and easier to handle than their larger equine counterparts.  Small groups of 4-5 children are formed according to age and prior experience –if any. After reviewing safety rules, material previously covered and learning a new subject matter, participants are assigned their size-related pony or cob and each small group works under the tutelage of a qualified and motivated Counselor. Some of the horsemanship matters covered may include: Safety on and around horses, Basic Anatomy, Equine Senses & Body Language, Grooming, The Tack and Harness, Driving the Miniature Horse, English and Western styles, Barn Management and Careers in the Industry. Participants also get to shortly ride or drive their charges 3 to 4 times each Session. This Program enhances team work, self-esteem and camaraderie while helping develop a genuine appreciation and respect for the animals.. We recommend bringing strong hiking shoes, jeans/sweat pants, a bicycle helmet, fluids and…a carrot on Friday, Gymkhana Day.


PEP     (Petite Equestrian Program ages 3-6) 1hr/day

PGRP  (Pony Grooming & Riding Program ages 7-11) 1.5hr/day


July 13- 17   PGRP (9:30-11am) PEP (11:30am-12:30pm)
Aug 10-14    PGRP (9:30-11am) PEP (11:30am-12:30pm) 



Cost:      PEP $165 per week

              PGRP $195 per week    


Program held at Fasola Park, 12 Sycamore Lane, Deptford, NJ.