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2/12/2015 - Deptford Open Shred Day Event - April 11, 2015


 Township of Deptford
Open Shred Day Event

Reduce clutter—clean out and purge
your personal records!


When:         April 11th 2015
                   8:00 am to 11:00 am


Where:      Deptford Township Building     


Contact:   Patrick Rebecca, (856) 228-4719

Bring your bags and boxes of paper to be shredded.  An experienced operator from

Guardian Document DestructionÔ will move the bins to a highly secure, mobile shredding unit where your confidential material will be destroyed before your eyes.


  • 100% of the shredded paper is recycled!


  • Only paper is accepted. Please, no plastic bags or metal—including 3-ring binders and binder clips. Paper clips and staples are okay.


  • Keep your boxes for future use.


  • No Businesses Allowed


  • Residents Limit  to 5 Boxes Each