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12/31/2014 - Press Release - Annual "Come Fly With Us" Event

Deptford Township Mayor and Council is hosting the annual “Come Fly With Us” contest for students attending schools in Deptford Township to commemorate the landing of the first manned balloon flight in our country’s history. 

Students in pre-K, kindergarten and 1st grade are asked to color a hot air balloon.  Students in grades 2 – 6th are asked to submit a drawing that best represents the “Come Fly With Us” theme.  Students in grades 7 – 12th are asked to submit an essay that best describes what the “Come Fly With Us” theme represents.

There will be one winner chosen from each participating classroom from grades Pre-K – 6, one (1) winner chosen from each participating classroom from the Middle School and one (1) winner chosen from each Grade Level at the High School. 

Winners will receive certificates and a gift card from a local Deptford Township business at a public ceremony at the Deptford Township Recreation Center, Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 6:00PM.

Anyone with questions or interested in participating should contact (856) 686-2220.