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8/15/2008 - Karate-Judo-Jujitsu

PHONE # (856) 981-0613

  • Learn Self Defense while having fun for better health; great workout for everyone.
  • We teach everyone ages 5 & up, with step by step instructions at their level.
  • This system is taught to police & military forces around the world. It involves striking (kick-boxing), throwing (Olympic Judo), and grappling (submission); as well as defending against these attacks and weapon attacks. These most effective techniques work in real life situations.
  • Benefits are endless in confidence, discipline, respect, self-control, coordination, strength, flexibility, concentration, etc.
  • We produce great athletes and honor students.

FYI:      1. American College of Sports Medicine states Judo is the safest contact sport for children.

            2. More countries participate in Olympic Judo than all other sports except track & field.

            3. In Japan, Judo is taught in grade & high schools as part of gym class; for better health.

            4. Japanese police don’t carry guns- Judo’s required.

DAYS:  Every Monday and 1st Thursday of each month 

TIMES: 4:30pm (Kids: Beginner 1)

            5:00pm (Kids Beginner 2)

            5:45pm (Youth: Intermediate)

            6:30pm (Youth Advanced)

            7:15pm (Adults & Teens 15 & up)

For Information before starting, call Carmen Mennilli (Former Police & World Certified Instructor) at (856) 981-0613.