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Public Notices

1/21/2014 - Make Sure Elderly are Prepared for Snowstorms

As caregivers or concerned neighbors, we need to ensure we are extra prepared by staying organized and keeping records of their essential medical information, such as:

  •  The names and contact information for each of their doctors and service providers, such as their home care agency and adult medical day care provider.
  • Schedules of services for their providers, such as hours and days of the week for the home care aide and days of attendance for the adult medical day care program.
  • A list of their mediations and the contact information for their pharmacy, so we can anticipate the need for any immediate refills.
  • A schedule of upcoming medical appointments or procedures.
  • Notes of their past appointments with physicians, treatment recommendations and scheduled follow-up appointments, so we can ensure they have ample supplies of medications or medical supplies and access to transportation for future appointments.
  • An emergency contact list of family members or neighbors that can assist with the clearing of their snow-covered driveway, running to the local grocery store or pharmacy, and transportation to upcoming medical appointments.
  • Copies of eyeglass prescriptions and prescriptions for other assistive devices such as walkers and diabetes monitoring devices. 

Knowing power outages commonly accompany snowstorms and extremely cold weather, think about preparing a home emergency preparedness kit.  It should include:

  •  First aid supplies;
  • Instant cold packs;
  • Extra blankets;
  • Flashlights, including a model that can be used as a lantern;
  • Batteries;
  • Radio;
  • Water;
  • Nonperishable food items, and
  • Copies of important documents, such as Medicare card, health insurance cards and powers of attorney.

Power outages can knock out cell phone service, so a landline phone (with cord) is also advisable.

It is safer to have your loved one stay with you, remember to take their medical information medicines, supplements and assistive devices with you.