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2/1/2010 - A Monthly Message from Mayor Paul Medany

This administration has set many goals and priorities. Proper planning and focus on the future is a must for Deptford’s success. Of course, many challenges await and funding and budgeting are just a few.

Instead of saying something CANNOT be done, we concentrate on how it CAN be done. The old adage “we have always done it that way,” does not apply anymore. There is no reason to dispense of our traditions, but we will change and adapt to our new economy. Deptford Township is looking to the future…this year, five years, ten years, twenty and thirty years down the road. Planning must include the impact on future generations and the growing community. Too many previous shortsighted decisions that may have benefited the group making them turn into holes that take us years to repair, if they can be changed at all.

Land use planning, traffic flow plans, building and especially road maintenance are all costly projects that can affect the Township for generations. Budgeting and fiscal policies control our future and our ability to provide comfortable living for families and ourselves.

Township Council continues to move forward with plans to keep Deptford the third lowest overall property tax total in the county. We are working to attract businesses that provide services and good paying jobs to aid the economy. In conjunction with our excellent police force, Council has put a strong emphasis on maintaining public safety programs.

Council continues to bring you the finest in recreation opportunities because of the efforts of the outstanding volunteer community. These men and women who volunteer enable us to maintain programs and events. We encourage you to join and volunteer no matter your age or experience. Remember, constructive criticism and ideas will help move us forward together.

Keeping a community great is the effort of everyone who lives, works and owns a business in Deptford. The challenges we face, we will face together. Let’s keep Deptford as a place where one can grow up or relocate, live, work, play, and raise a family for many generations to come.

We will move forward into the future and emerge stronger and better.

Have a safe winter.