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If your business is open for takeout, pickup or delivery and is not listed below, please email us to be added to our list.

*The Deptford Mall is now open for curbside pickup and takeout dining. Click here for information.


Adelphia Restaurant 856-845-8200 Curbsibe pickup/Takeout
Applebees 856-232-0093 Takeout
Bagelicous 856-251-0804 Curbside pickup closed Saturday
Benny's Pizza 856-468-0463 Takeout  and Delivery
Bonefish Gril 856-251-6691 Takeout  4-9 weekday 12-9 Weekends
Chili's Bar & Grill 856-384-1212 Takeout 11am - 10pm
Chuck E Cheese 856-228-2839 Takeout and delivery through doordash
Filomena's 856-228-4325 Cubside pickup 3pm - 8pm
Five Guys 856-845-5489 Takeout delivery through Grubhub
Frankie's Pizza 856-384-8111 Takeout and Delivery
Friendly's 856-232-1212 Takeout 11am - 8pm
Giuseppe's 856-848-8008 Takeout and Delivery  10am -8pm
Joes Crab Shack 856-251-2314 Takeout
Johnny Longhots 856-686-6099 Takeout and Delivery
Longhorn 856-251-6991 Takeout
Maggios Pizza 856-251-1515 Takeout and Delivery  11am - 8pm
Me & U Pizzeria 856-845-1460 Takeout 11am - 9pm
Mission BBQ 856-352-5158 Takeout
Moe's Southwest Grill 856-845-4200 Takeout 11am - 8pm
Nipper's Pub 856-384-1970 Deckside pickup 11am - 8pm
Olive Garden 856-232-6332 Curbside online order
Outback Steakhouse 856-686-5760 Curbside and Delivery
Panera Bread 856-251-9000 Online to go only 6am - 8pm
Papa Johns 856-251-1115 Carryout & Delivery
Pinto Thong Thai 856-848-7179  Takeout
Pizzeria Uno 856-853-7003 Takeout 11am -9 pm
Red Lobster 856-232-3849 Takeout
Riccardo's Pizza 856-228-4827 Takeout and Delivery
Salad Works 856-202-5418 Takeout 10:30am - 8pm 
Shan's Chinese 856-228-2288 Takeout and delivery
Soprano's Pizzeria 856-384-8442 Takeout and delivery 
Tonino's Pizza 856-415-9300 Takeout and Delivery
Tokyo Mandarin 856-374-0533 Takeout
Two Sweet Boutique 856-302-1214 Curbside Delivery 
Viet Pho 856-302-5898 Takeout
Victory Chinese  856-686-0300 Takeout and Delivery
Villa Nuova 856-227-4222 Takeout and Delivery 11am - 8pm