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Requirements for Obtaining a Construction Permit

Submit proof of ownership and zoning permit.
Zoning Office @ (856) 845-5300, ext. 2263 or 2237

Submit proof of Zoning and/or Planning Board approval, if applicable.

Submit proof of engineering approvals and payment of bonds and escrows.

Submit proof of Deptford Township Municipal Utilities Authority and Gloucester County Utilities Authority permits or submit proof of septic and well approval from the Gloucester County Health Department.

D.T.M.U.A. @ (856) 415-1111 G.C.U.A. @ (856) 423-3500

Submit two (2) copies of plans and specifications drawn to scale with sufficient clarity and detailed dimensions to show the nature and character of the work to be done, the plans and specifications shall conform to the NJ Uniform Construction Code, the National Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Codes and BOCA National Building Code, 1996 Edition.

The seal and signature of the NJ registered architect or NJ licensed engineer who prepared the plans shall be affixed to each sheet or copy of plans submitted and on the first sheet of specifications and supportive information submitted.

Upon completion of the proposed work all final inspections must be made and approved, an application (obtained at this office) must be filled out by the applicant, stamped by the Deptford Township MUA that the water meter has been installed. In the event a private well and/or sewer has been installed, you must obtain approval from he Gloucester County Health Department.

An "As Built" survey with topography prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer or land surveyor must be submitted to this office.

Prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy, a certificate of enrollment in the Home Owners Warranty Program must be submitted to this office.

In a case where there is no curb and sidewalk, you must install them or apply for a curb and sidewalk waiver from Township Council. (Applications may be obtained in the Construction Office.)