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Mayor Paul Medany’s Monthly Message - September 2019   

September brings the season of fall. It is also the same month our kids go back to school. Please be cautious of children walking, waiting at bus stops, crossing guards and most of all speeding in the neighborhoods. Exciting things are happening in Deptford Township schools and not only do we welcome back our students but we also welcome back our teachers, staff and administration. Great schools are one of the most important part of great communities and our school district is making progress each and every year.  This month we are asking for your help. Here are some ways you can individually help our community and neighborhoods.

  • Recycle correctly. On our website and in our newsletter is information on what to recycle and what should go in the trash. Trash costs $85.00 per ton to dispose of. Look for ways to reduce trash. This is approaching a critical point in not only our community but it is a national concern.
  • Lock your vehicles at night and pay attention to unusual activity in your neighborhood. We have the safest neighborhoods statistically but our police can always use your eyes and ears.
  • Report vacant properties and issues like high grass and properties that are not being kept up to code.
  • Observe speed limits and stop at stop signs. Speeding is a huge safety concern. Do not pass school buses. Our slogan is “there is no need to speed.”
  • Recycle grass clippings back on to your lawn. This is a huge disposal cost and it is scientifically proven that mulching grass clippings back on to your lawn makes a healthier lawn.
  • Drink and use tap water instead of plastic bottles. Deptford MUA water is perfectly safe, great tasting and free!

Living in great communities takes working together. We have a thriving business community, the finest municipal staff, the best community events, great municipal services but most of all we have you, our resident’s. It has definitely been a great summer! Feel free to check out one of our newly-installed playgrounds or walk our parks and neighborhoods.