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Mayor Paul Medany’s Monthly Message - July 2019   

Summer is in full swing. It is time for travel and vacations, day trips to the beach and having neighborhood barbecues. As we all know summer is hot and we have already had a heat wave with scorching temperatures. We encourage our residents to stay cool and stay hydrated as well as keeping an eye on any elderly neighbors. Fourth of July fireworks are here so please practice safety around any legal devices and we urge you not to light off any illegal fireworks. We have had some challenging rain events. Flooding is occurring where the storm systems are overwhelmed. These systems were designed for the rare 100 year storm of which are coming more frequently. Our emergency management team is always ready to assist and respond to life-threatening events. We have over 2500 storm inlets alone to keep open and it is a challenging task.

Rowan College at Gloucester County just merged with Cumberland County College to become Rowan of South Jersey. Rowan Medical Center will be starting construction soon at the campus. In Deptford we will have the only medical teaching facility in NJ on a county college campus. What was years ago a small county college is now one of the premier college campuses in the region. For the cost of one year’s tuition at a major university it is possible to get a four degree right here in Deptford Township. A Deptford high school student can start earning college credits in high school and actually attend college classes. For Deptford residents this is an outstanding opportunity right in our backyard.

The summer event schedule is here. We recently just had another township-sponsored barbecue and it turned out great. Check out our upcoming events such as Deptford Night at the Phillies, Deptford Paint with Us, Family Fun Show and Locust Grove Block Party. These events are fun and it’s a great opportunity to meet elected officials and members of the administration. Come out and meet your neighbors and make new friends.

This year we will pave the most local municipal roads in South Jersey if not the State. Counting grants, CDBG money, MUA projects and our own local road program we will pave over 22 roads. Some projects include water and sewer infrastructure and replacing curbing. Maintaining our utility systems and roads is a must for the health and safety of all residents. Deptford is a leader in planning and finishing municipal public works projects.

You will also see new and replaced playground equipment all over town. This is an overdue project and we are looking at every park and playground. Neighborhood open space and play areas are an integral part of wellness and simply getting outside to stay active. With electronic devices ruling our every minute it is all important to get physical activity. We are striving to make every neighborhood playground within walking distance and accessible. Then of course we have our huge playground and open space area at Fasola Park which we urge you to visit.

Our newest additions to our town is a beautiful Town Clock located at the center island on Clements Bridge Road. This Town Clock was donated by the Ballis Family and Adelphia Restaurant. It is a great addition to the Flag and Veterans Memorial already in place. Thank You Adelphia!

Also our new Legacy Park area is near completion at Fasola Park. It is a beautiful area of reflection and to memorialize the contributions of outstanding Deptford Citizens. We now have our Veterans Park in Oak Valley, First Responders Circle and Deptford Volunteer Hall of Fame in the Township Building all to honor citizen’s contributions.

Thank you to all! Have a great summer and stay cool!