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Mayor Paul Medany’s Monthly Message - July 2017



July is the month of Independence Day.  A day to remember, “We are the Land of the Free”! “We are the home of the Brave”.  As we celebrate this holiday let’s pay tribute to our brave American Heroes who sacrificed their lives for our country on this special day.

The Flag represents the sacrifice of our soldiers, it represents Patriotism and it represents freedom.  Our freedom is not a God given right.  We must participate in some way in keeping our country strong.  Stay vigilant to protect our freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, and our right to protest, as it is all spelled out in our Bill of Rights. Remember our Country is great, has been and always will be.  Let’s fly the stars and stripes this holiday and all year round.

This is a month of Barbecues, fireworks, summer fun, beach time, and family reunions. Let’s get involved in community projects. Keep our community safe and clear of litter. Our country was formed by neighbors banding together.  It’s a time of unity.

Township council and administration want to keep you informed of what’s happening in Deptford Township.  Make sure to sign into our Facebook Page, read the web site, look for our printed newsletter and come out to our next community event so we can meet you.

Enjoy your summer and God Bless America!