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Mayor Paul Medany’s Monthly Message - May 2017

This monthly message is part of township Council’s information goal. Keeping you informed and up to date on council decisions, events and township happenings is exactly what the website is for. This Township and Council is the most accessible municipality in the region. Anyone on almost any given week can come out and meet a Councilperson at some type of event. This is so important because we want you to know what progress we are making to keep our community a great place to be. If you cannot get out there are other ways to keep in touch and stay informed, such as Deptford’s Facebook page, newsletter, Twitter, our website and more. 

Deptford is one of the few towns in this area that has a receptionist in the lobby to greet you. We do not believe in automated answering machines, when you call you get a person to direct and help you. We are here to serve the community and do everything we can to welcome you.

We also encourage everyone to get involved no matter how old you are. We recently had an Earth Day Cleanup event and want to thank all who came out to participate and volunteer. We had people from 5 years old to 85 years old who came out to help. This event brought out over 15 organizations and over one hundred volunteers to promote a healthy planet and community cleanup to help keep Deptford Clean & Green! 

Another weekly way to get involved is to get out to a school board meeting. Education is the cornerstone of any community. We need more folks to get involved in our School District.  Find out where your tax dollars are going and how our schools are educating your children. If you are retired, single or married with no children, just being a resident means you are heavily invested in the School District and everyone should pay attention to this investment.

All of these issues keep a community thriving and that’s our goal. Enjoy the great spring weather; the changing of seasons is what makes this region wonderful. We will see you soon at an event!