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Mayor Paul Medany’s Monthly Message - February 2017

We are in the middle of winter and the cold can bring many challenges. We have posted information on snow events to keep you informed on our policies and procedures. Keeping our roads safe for getting to work, getting our children safely to school and making sure emergency responders can get anywhere 2017in town is our main concern. We are becoming more active on our municipal Facebook page with information from events to emergencies.

No town in South Jersey, that we know of, does more to maintain and improve infrastructure. We are constantly installing new water mains and sewer mains, paving roads, building parks, buying new equipment and much more. Township Council is very proactive and we do all of this while maintaining  a solid fund balance, stabilizing property tax hikes and keeping our debt low for future generations. Keep in mind the proportional divide between school tax, county tax and fire district tax. The Fire District has not raised taxes for several years now and our MUA rates are stable. School tax makes up over 50% of your local tax bill. Make plans to attend a school board meeting, whether you have children in school or not.

We believe in long term planning to keep Deptford strong and to protect our community for years to come.

We need to let you know what we have done on our accomplishments list so you can see where your tax dollars go. You need to know our goals for each year because we firmly believe in transparency and we want you to know our community is not sitting still. Homeownership, good schools, public safety, clean neighborhoods, strong businesses, good jobs and on and on are items we work on literally every day.

Thanks and let’s enjoy the winter while looking forward to Spring!