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Mayor Paul Medany’s Monthly Message - September 2017


Welcome to September! Technically summer is not over so let’s enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. With the events in Texas we realize the importance of emergency planning and readiness. With every storm or event we have learned lessons. The most important lesson is being prepared for the unexpected and be ready for the expected events.  Our Emergency Management team is constantly reviewing plans. We are one of the few local municipalities with our own emergency operations center equipped with computers and communication equipment. From here our team can direct operations during any event or emergency. To help with this effort we strongly encourage you to be prepared. We have prepared a list of essentials that you can find on our website.

We have some great events coming up. Our Fall Festival is this month; please take a look at the calendar we just sent out. We hope to see you and your family there.  Township Council works hard to provide you with recreation opportunities and community events. Our events are designed to get folks out to meet neighbors, meet township officials and to simply have fun for you and your families.

National politics have certainly been on everyone’s mind. Our job at the local level is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of our residents.  With proper budgeting and planning Township Council has done an excellent job at this.

Have a great month and we hope to see you soon.